The Team





Headshot_2013Phil Luna

Phil Luna has performed for over 25 years on the stages and sound stages of Colorado and New Mexico. He has both studied and taught the art of acting. Among many of Denver’s passionate, long and short lived theaters, Phil is a veteran performer and director of Industrial Arts Theater and El Centro Su Teatro. Phil says he had fun doing this project but then just left my house quickly and without looking back.




Gwyl-reading-BIGFOOT-poemGwylym Cano

Cano is a poet. He likes to read at the Mercury cafe. He likes crusty trees and huggy dirt. He sometimes lives here.





LesCrandell@earthlink.net_0187webLes Crandell

Les is an industrial videographer & media wonk who is from Colorado and worked in Washington DC for 19 years.  He has met assignments throughout the USA including Alaska as well as China.   He has a keen eye for photography and film continuity having worked on indie film projects since ’88.  Les particularly enjoys working on suspense films that include the paranormal or social satire.




Mark Fukae

Inspired to become a rule-breaking filmmaker, he dedicated himself to broadening his knowledge and skills in the unrelated fields of Political Science and Macroeconomics so that he might break them more fully and artistically. To this end, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from SUNY New Paltz, and continued his education in film by attending Brooks Institute of Photography with a focus on Cinematography. He continued his education in Los Angeles, where he attended Columbia College of Film and Television to develop his directing skills where he made stylish and inscrutable films. After the Northridge quake in 1994, he moved to Colorado to form his own production company, Three River Filmworks in 1996. He developed his skills as an editor and created many adverts, television programs, short films, music videos and feature films. In 2001 Mark shot Cano’s indie vampire flick LOVEPIRATES. In 2002, he edited COLOUR BLIND, which won a Sacramento Gaffers award. 2006 his editing work also won the best short film at the Global Art Film Festival for SKELETAL DREAMS.His current project is a web series The Unearthly. Mark is 45 and lives in Denver.



A shout out to this band! The funk speaks spunk, dig. A new album in the works, so I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend, roots in Dtown.